The Playoffs are HERE! Part 1

First let’s go over my preseason playoff predictions. In the Western Conference for the most part I was right, but where I was wrong I was wrong big, but so was everyone else. So I can take some solace in that.

Let’s work through it:

I had Oklahoma City as the 1 seed and I was right (Oh, I’m liking writing this post).

I had the Lakers as the 2 seed and I was so wrong. The Lakers ended a dismal season as the 7th seed (disregard previous side note).

I had the Clippers as the 3 seed. They ended up as the 4 seed so I was close and they still got to keep home court in the first round.

I had the Spurs as the 4 seed claiming home court in the first round; they ended up as the 2 seed.

I had Memphis as the 5 seed…RIGHT ON THE MONEY! WHAT UP B—-!

I had Denver as the 6 seed. I greatly underestimated them as they finished the season as the 3rd best team in the Western Conference, securing home court (which for them is a huge advantage) in the first round.

I over estimated Houston and had them as the 7 seed, they ended the year sneaking into the playoffs as the 8 seed.

And here I was just a moron as I picked New Orleans (the Pelicans…really?) to make the playoffs and they ended just missed out finishing 28 games below .500.

The team I gave no real chance to was Golden State who finished the year as the 6th seed, surpassing both Houston and the Lakers.  Now in my defense I did say they would be a playoff team sooner rather than later, I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

New Predictions:

I said OKC would win in 4 games and I still think that’s true. I had the 2 seed winning in 5 games, I’m changing that to 4 games and the Lakers will be on the losing end as the Spurs advance with ease. I had the Nuggets beating the Clippers in 7, well now I have the Nuggets beating Golden State in 5, they will be 5 close tough fought games, but it will end in 5. I also have Memphis taking out the Clippers in 7.

Round two will see: OKC, San Antonio, Denver and Memphis.

Eastern Conference:

I picked the Heat to finish in first place…I was RIGHT!

I had Chicago as the 2 seed (assuming Derrick Rose wasn’t a giant baby) I was sooooo Wrong as they finished 5th in the Eastern Conference.

I had Boston in the 3rd slot and again I was WRONG! The creaky knees world tour finished the season as the 7th seed.

I had the young, emerging Pacers as the 4th seed and I was close (I’ll take it) they won their division and finished as the 3rd seed.

I had the newly branded Brooklyn Nets as the 5 seed and again I was close as they keep home court in the first round, finishing as the 4th best team in the Eastern Conference.

I had the 76ers as the 6th seed and boy did I overestimate that hot, pile of smoking garbage. Atlanta finished with the 6th best record in the Eastern Conference and the 76ers finished 18 games under .500 and 4 games out of the 8th spot.

I had the New York Knicks in the 7th spot, and they massively overachieved and finished with the 2nd best record in the Eastern Conference, securing home court…for the time being.

I had Atlanta sneaking into the playoffs, I was wrong the Bucks at 14 games under .500 did that. Which I wasn’t totally off on…here’s my quote from the season preview (tooting my own horn!) “They could sneak into the 8th spot this year in the East, but in the long run it would be better for them to finish with another lottery pick so they can get better. In order to make any sort of leap. They have to add a player, preferably a swing player that can slash to the basket and play defense (Easier said than done.)”  And BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

New Predictions:

I had the Heat in 4 games, and even though Brandon Jennings thinks the Buck will win in 6 I’m going to go ahead and stick to my prediction. I had the Bulls beating the Knicks in 6 games, but the real matchup is NYK vs. Boston and I have the Knicks winning in 5 now. I had the Celtics beating Philly in 7 games, but with Philly not in and Boston losing to New York I have Indiana sweeping Atlanta in 4 games. That leaves Brooklyn and the Bulls and without even a star in their lineup I have the Bulls losing in 5 games.

Round two will see: Miami, NYK, Pacers and Brooklyn.

To Be Continued…



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