NBA Trade Deadline: What are the Magic doing?

I would say that the Orlando Magic went from bad to worse at the close of the 2013 trade deadline but the truth is they were already worse. So I guess it would be more accurate to say that the Orlando Magic went from worse to worse.

The Magic is one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA. Ranked 25th in the league the Magic is averaging only 94 points per game. And it is fair to assume that this number is going to take a considerable drop as they traded away J.J. Redick who is second on the team in scoring averaging 15.1 points per game and replacing him with Beno Udrih, Tobias Harris, and Doron Lamb who combined are averaging 15.0 points per game. The math works that is until you realize you can only play 5 guys at a time and three players combining to give your team the same production that one player can provide on his own is not a recipe for success.

J.J. Redick is also the best three point shooter (39%) on a poor three point shooting team (33.7%) is being replaced by three guys two of whom are shooting close to 25% and the third is shooting a placid 33%. Oh and by the way all three averaging less 1 three pointer made per game compared to Redick’s 2.3 three pointers made per game.

On the other hand we have the Milwaukee Bucks, who on paper are adding a good three point shooting, scorer to a team that’s averaging 97.6 points per game and is ranked 12th in the league, and are adding a player who is close to shooting 40% from beyond the arch to a team that already boasts two players shooting well over 40% from three.

The Bucks also have two point guards averaging more than 5 assists a game which indicates that they have players that can get their newest shooter the ball. Here’s the problem though, when is he going to play? So far this season as the Magic’s primary shooting guard Redick was averaging 31.5 minutes per game. Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis are both averaging more than 37 minutes per game, so when is J.J. Redick going to play? He’s too small and not nearly good enough defensively to play small forward other than during the shortest of stints and isn’t nearly as dynamic as Jennings and Ellis and neither should fear of losing playing time to Redick. So again I ask; when is he going to play?

The Bucks acquired a young player who has vastly improved his offensive game. They acquired a player who is a good three point shooter and a capable scorer. They acquired a player they can’t play.

I assume both teams have plans in place to improve their teams, to increase revenue and to develop into entertaining and competitive teams. I also assume both teams are run by individuals who don’t understand the industry they are in or their target audience.

This is why the Magic are who they are and why the Bucks are who they are. This trade is purely financial on part of the Magic and it’s purely…well I have no idea what the Bucks are doing.

Another trade deadline, another opportunity for teams like the Heat widen the gulf between them and teams like well…the Magic and Bucks.


In case you’re wondering why I didn’t cover any of the other players involved in this trade, it’s because who cares that’s why.


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